Market Reports

2020 Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy Outlook

Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing pharmacy segment and it is estimated that specialty drugs accounted for nearly 70% of[...]


2020 Long-Term Care Pharmacy Outlook

The last 20 years delivered ups and downs to long-term care (LTC) pharmacies that caused significant disruption in the M&A[...]


2019 Infusion Pharmacy Market Insight

There are a number of factors impacting the future of the home infusion market. New reimbursement, drug shortages, PBMs, contracts[...]


2019 Long-Term Care Pharmacy Outlook

There is another exciting year ahead for the long-term care (LTC) pharmacy M&A market. Before we look into the crystal[...]


2018 Specialty Pharmacy Market Outlook

The past year in specialty pharmacy was rampant with activity. On the PBM side, we saw aggressive consolidation to combat[...]


2017 Long-Term Care Pharmacy Market Outlook

The results are in and healthcare M&A activity continues to be a strong performer in the first half of 2017.[...]


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